AdTech Canada is an energising half-day conference packed with intel and case studies on how to optimize marketing performance.

Come hear from tech experts on what’s possible next, and learn how brands are effectively harnessing technology to drive impact.

  • Is voice search the future of performance marketing?

    Performance marketers are tasked with driving leads, conversions, and revenue from their marketing dollars. And with 45% of US households having a home speaker, they are focused on how to ‘be the answer’ when a consumer asks a question to Alexa or Google Assistant.

    Join Forrester Analyst, Collin Colburn, for a presentation on the current state of voice search and where it is likely to go in the future, with recommendations on how marketers can make the most of this new technology.

  • Canadian Tire: Delivering meaningful customer experiences with performance marketing

    Canadian Tire has been rapidly expanding its ecommerce presence, and is in the performance marketing game for the long haul.

    Greg Shelly, VP of Enterprise Digital Marketing, believes that an unrelenting focus on customer experience and relevancy in advertising has fueled its growth in the space. While he's found there's no “one size fits all” approach to developing the right strategy for success, Shelly will discuss common demand generation issues, spanning strategy, media and ad tech, and share some practical approaches to addressing them.

  • Ritual: Using tech to enable hyper-growth while driving locally relevant content to the right audience

    Consumers today expect a degree of personalization and relevance in a brand's content. However, as a company grows, it becomes difficult to achieve that at scale. Join Kurt Gooden, Head of Growth at Ritual, as he shares his experiences scaling hyper-local strategies at a time of rapid growth while remaining targeted in the approach.

  • SickKids VS performance marketing

    Always testing the limits of fund-raising marketing impact, SickKids continues to raise the bar by finding new ways tech can boost its track record of out-performing goals. SickKids digital marketing director Aaron Davis and head of data sciences Rishie Singh share their approach, where they see future opportunity, and how to pull it off within budget limits.

  • From CPG to tech co: The people, processes and partnership shifts behind transformative data-driven marketing

    Kimberly-Clark’s commitment to digital transformation saw the CPG optimize sales and marketing by strategically folding in tech. Marcom and sales strategy lead Therese Brisson dives into the importance of setting the right KPIs, how to come up with the right data strategy, and how a key acquisition helped Kimberly-Clark leverage their tech stack for attribution in a market without robust purchase data.

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