Join strategy magazine as AdTech Canada returns with future-forward sessions covering major tech trends and their marketing applications.

Explore how brands best spend their time and money for optimal impact.

Sessions cover: AI application // what you need to know about blockchain // what’s new and next in programmatic.

  • One of Canada’s most iconic fashion brands is using AI in a surprising way (and you can too)

    Join Ari Himmel, founder of FaimData, for a fascinating case story about fashion retailer, Reitmans. They leveraged existing in-store legacy infrastructure to uncover insights, learning and optimization to build a better brand. Old tech layered with artificial intelligence and algorithms to truly tell a different brand story. These lessons - and this technology - is available today, and can change the face of retail and your brand.

  • How brands can navigate walled gardens using audience data

    The advertising industry has never been more data-driven, with campaigns and advisory services built and developed through rigorous research and best-in-class advertising technology capabilities. In her fireside chat, Erica Schmidt, Global CEO at Cadreon will discuss how clients can best catalyze and leverage their proprietary data and technology assets.

    Focus areas will include: Bringing the data and automation of programmatic to TV / Evolving at the pace of the consumer and developing best-in-class cross-screen strategies / Leveraging data to inform and activate against audiences / The convergence of creative and media through data optimization.

  • The rise of smart speakers, and why they matter to marketers

    The adoption of smart speakers in the home is driving an increase in use of voice assistants throughout the entire day – and that means consumers are talking to brands – and those brands might not be ready to talk back.

    Join Edison Research's SVP, Tom Webster, as he explores the latest Canadian and U.S. studies on smart speakers from one of the leading researchers in the space, and examine how brands must respond to what has become a very rapidly changing set of consumer behaviors.

  • Blockchain. The ultimate disruptor?

    Why should marketers care about the tech behind cryptocurrencies? Because blockchain may solve problems plaguing the industry while adding transparency to the equation. To elaborate on that, Kris Hansen, CTO of both Portag3 Ventures and Koho, will explore the potential. Hansen has long been at the forefront of fintech and among his many contributions, has established new real-world use cases for blockchain.

    Some of the blockchain future scenarios he’ll explore at AdTech span: What if publishing and distribution were decentralized? What if content was governed by consensus? What if users were cut in on the deal? What if the answer to privacy concerns was full user control and transparency? Kris’ insider POV will help brands take advantage of the tech’s impact by diving into what’s possible, what's happening now and what may unfold.

  • Keeping relevant through transformative times

    As AI, IOT and new ways to connect through voice and AR/VR are poised to take over, it’s time to transform our businesses, reinvent ourselves, and face our fear of the future of tech.

    Dubbed one of BusinessWeek’s top business leaders for his pioneering innovation, Rishad Tobaccowala delivers how we can set ourselves up for success in this new marketing era.

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