Agenda - AdTech 2017

May 29, 2017 | Scotiabank Theatre Toronto


Monday, May 29

7:30 AM


2nd Floor (by Escalators)


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Lounge (Outside Auditorium 3)

Please join us at the Scotiabank Theatre for breakfast and an early networking session before AdTech Canada begins.

8:30 AM

Opening remarks

8:40 AM

Opening keynote

Starting from scratch

As an author and leader in the field of strategic foresight, Alexander Manu surveys a marketplace in which online behaviour is transforming the ecosystem into a behaviour economy, changing the relationship between companies and customers. This is a major challenge to incumbent organizations, as their markets are being disrupted on an unprecedented scale.

To survive, brands need to understand that the new economy is not about change, but about transformation. As new technology (from artificial intelligence, to deep machine learning and more) changes the structure of our lives, it also changes the frameworks on which our experiences are built.

To be providers of meaning in this new framework, brands must  redefine their role within the story of each user.

Key Topics:

• Future-proofing your organization for the behavior economy 

• Strategic transformation in the subscription economy

• Everything social, everything augmented and everything autonomous


Alexander Manu
Strategic Innovation Advisor, Author, Professor (OCAD/Rotman School of Management)
InnoSpa International

9:20 AM

Did you know? Part 1

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Throughout the morning, our event partners will provide quick-hit glimpses into what’s now possible due to ad tech innovation.

9:30 AM

Future tech in the present tense

Concepts like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the Internet of Things are no longer just futuristic technologies – many brands have been there, done that and found value in adding them to their marketing arsenal. Experts share the latest and greatest examples of formerly futuristic tech in real life, and what’s coming next.

10:15 AM

Did you know? Part 2

10:25 AM

Networking and coffee break

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Refreshments will be provided just outside Auditorium 3.

10:35 AM

Why AI: One brand’s journey into a bold new consumer interface

This session will take a look at one particular brand’s long-term investment in artificial intelligence, discussing the organizational shift required to adapt to and focus on this technology, as well as the impact AI is set to have on the brand’s business in the coming years.

11:00 AM

Did you know? Part 3

11:10 AM

Brands embracing technology: how to (comfortably) welcome disruption

Brands from different verticals will share how they have embraced innovation and technology to help solve unique business problems. From collaborating with start-ups, to working with incubators and potential competitors, learn how organizations can get comfortable working in the tech space.

11:50 AM

Did you know? Part 4

12:00 PM

What’s new and next in programmatic marketing?

Our final session of the day will provide a holistic look at the state of programmatic marketing in Canada, and address new facets of this growing industry. Topics will include programmatic television, programmatic native and programmatic creative, as we take a deeper look at where this media channel is headed.

12:30 PM

Closing remarks

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